2 options of payment for maintenance and service fees for properties  in Egypt. Full info about public utility payments and annual service gathering for apartments in Hurghada.

Decided to buy an apartment on Red Sea Coast? To own your private piece of  Red Sea, where is sunny all year around. Be careful!

Most of people before purchase in Hurghada  or on other egyptian resorts don’t even think: «how much costs regular maintenance fees for  apartment?»

This is very important question. Do not buy any property in Egypt before you check it!

It often happens that when you become the happy owner of an apartment in the Hurghada, you very soon realize that service charges exceed all acceptable limits. And, sometimes, just visit ARE and relaxing in some hotel 3-4 times a year is much cheaper, than maintaining your own property in Egypt.

 There is a two types of maintenance fees in Hurghada real estate: 

First method - more cheap and simple, you can find usually, in standard normal building ( not compound! ), without extra facilities. It’s call DOORMAN - by Egyptian language BAWAB. This man, usually from poor level of Egyptian, living in house, under staircase, or on roof,  sometimes with his family. Most of the time he is sitting  near the entrance and monitors who is coming into the building.

He is the one who cleans corridors, washes stair spans 2-3 time in week and shall garbage. For a small tips you can send him  in nearest shop for products, cigarettes and other household staff. Move furniture? Put your clothes in laundry? He is always ready to help!

His salary, after last increase prices on gasoline in egypt in june 2018, varies from 100 to 200 egyptian pounds in month (5-10 $). 

Note: necessary attentively read contract with property owner, before purchase apartments in Hurghada! Are you obligated to pay salary for the doorman, if nobody stays in apartment? Or you have to pay just for the time when you are living inside your flat?

Because it’s can happen, that when you return home after a long absence,  you can find surprise:  a big bill for a few months for the salary of doorman what you didn’t pay.

It’s easier to pay this money, because polite and helpful guy near the entrance of your building ( doorman ) FOR SURE will find the way how to get his money!!! He will disturb you 24/7!!!

All methods are good: from banal disable light or water to some other problems.Easier pay, than spoil your holiday in Egypt!

But it is much more correct to solve all this questions, before to buy apartment  in Hurghada!

At the stage of buying an apartment, all the sellers and homeowners are very soft, simple and helpful! And you should always negotiate in Egypt for everything! And the official amount of the service charge, at this moment, is fairly easy to reduce. But it is in words! Not always the promised coincides with the prescribed! Therefore, just in case, carefully read the contracts and demand an official translation into your native language, if you do not understand! It is your right!

The water in Hurghada can be imported by cars with water tank and centralized (piped water).

And it is directly related to the amount of monthly service charge in houses in Hurghada!

The price per ton of water vary from 3.5 to 50 Egyptian pounds per ton (from 20 cents to 3 dollars), and also the monthly maintenance fee, usually higher times if the water is imported by cars!

Someone should call the water truck driver and fill the water tanks on the roof?

Even if you bought your own tank, someone should guarantee and be responsible for its regular replenishment?

Again, dormen!

But how much does it cost? Is it written in the contract or does dormen set the price on his own, depending on the mood? And who pays for the electricity that is needed for a motor that regularly pumps water from the car to the tank on the roof?

But there is also a sewage system, which is far NOT ALWAYS centralized !!! But more about this in another article ..

All this is very important and must be clarified in advance! Do not buy apartment in Hurghada, until you have clarified all the questions!

The second method of payment is usually found in buildings with swimming pool, private beach or in the other popular residential compounds of Hurghada.

Usually, the money that management spends for security, housekeepings, gardeners, lighting system, watering system of plants, pools and beach cleaning systems, filters and chemicals is not collected monthly, but yearly in advance. And a separate contract is signed for maintenance fees!

The cost varies greatly, depending on facilities available in compound!

These are REALLY different amounts in each separate residential complex of Hurghada !!!!!!!

Price can range from $ 100 to $ 5000 annually !!! Moreover, this amount can increase annually by 5-25% !!!

For more information about the maintenance fees in the different compounds of Hurghada, contact us:


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