Frequently Asked Questions

How to rent a property?

Please send us your questions on how to rent property in Egypt.

How to buy a property?

For sure you can. But there are things that you don’t know how to do, that’s why better to entrust them to professionals. Moreover, there are many nuances in buying an apartment in Egypt, that we know, and you - no.

There are illiquid objects and houses in Egypt, buildings with a bad reputation or with latent defects on, which you can know, only if you stay there for a time. Ideal Home Real Estate is a reputable real estate agency in Egypt with our team of experts. We always inform our customers in advance!!!

There are apartments in Egypt with "amazing sea view", which can be close by another building in a couple of years!!!
There are houses in Egypt, where the cost of annual maintenance is clearly overstated, and it is impossible to change! We know all the information about properties on the Red Sea, and our qualified and experienced staff will do everything to advise you at their best and guide you in your search for the apartment in Egypt!!!

There are houses with water line from the government, which is very cheap, and there are houses in Hurghada with imported water, where the water line will never passes, whatever the seller promises to you. The costs of tons of water in these homes owners take "from the head" and it can be too high!!!

There are illegal objects:
• houses that are built on the land, which is unredeemed or is pledged
• building constructed in a violation of safety standards
• facilities built without permission -does not meet purposes of construction or incorrect number of floors. For example the plot of land is designed for construction of one-storey villa and multi-storey residential building was built on it.

There are also unfair developers and protracted construction sites. We are working for a long time the real estate market in Egypt, and we have only trustable partners.

Than more expensive your purchase, than more time should be given to finding the right advisors. And we are the right advisors.
Our services are fully paid by the developer and absolutely free for you.
Our offers are directly from the Egyptian developers and investors in their prices. And there is a fake in the Internet, posted to get your contact.
By the way, to buy an apartment in Hurghada for 10,000$ is also quite realistic! And even with a small sea view. We have a lot of hot offers. Check Egypt property finder on our site and you will find a suitable option of selling apartment in Hurghada.
There are apartments in Egypt on credit, there are apartments in
Egypt by installments from the owners and Egyptian developers, even for foreigners!!! And we will be happy to assist in these cases!
Developers offer by the same price. The main thing for you is to make the right choice. The developer is interested to sell his projects only and will advise just them, looking away from your needs. We do not care, what to sell, that’s why we advise really the best opportunities for you.
One of the main criteria when applying for a job in our company (in addition to the high demands for competence in the field of real estate in Egypt, and the knowledge of the Egyptian legislation and mentality), is the ability to communicate with people and to enjoy ones job. But if suddenly you do not like our specialist for any reason, you can ask us to change him / her. In addition, you can always refuse our services, it is absolutely normal, we would understand.
99% of all the ads on the Internet are created by realtors. Because of the huge competition, the realtors are served ads with unrealistic prices, believing that this is the only way to get a potential customer contacts.
When you call them, agent says that the apartment was sold just yesterday. Then, starting to offer other options.

We believe that to start relationships with customers by lying is unacceptable. So our prices may seem higher than others, but they are lower in fact.

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